About Lion Herba

Here at Lion Herba we provide natural herbal products made using plants and their extracts. By using natural products made from the whole plants rather than isolated plant constituents or synthetic derivatives, it is possible to gain from the whole range of benefits a plant has to offer. Interacting with the plants this way also allows for a better connection to the plants and nature as a whole.


The plant ingredients we use have been carefully sourced, are of a high quality from sustainable sources and are organic, fair wilded and fairly traded as far as possible.


As part of our ongoing commitment to minimising our impact on the environment, we are working to eliminate the use of plastic in our packaging.  We use compostable and/or recyclable bags and pouches for our herbs and teas. Recyclable glass and metal are used for other products. Even our product labels and packaging materials are made from recycled material. Where there is no suitable alternative to plastic for jar and bottle lids, we use plastics that are widely recyclable (see About Our Packaging for more information).  


Dave Bescoby, our qualified herbalist, is registered with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) and practices Western Medical Herbalism from his clinics in Suffolk. Online consultations are also available. If you would like to find out more about medical herbalism, how it could help you and consultations please click here to visit our clinic page.