About Our Packaging

We endeavour to use packaging materials for all our products and postage that are easy to dispose of with minimum effect on the environment.


We offer a choice of Kraft paper bags or clear NatureFlexTM bags for our dried herbs and supplements.


Kraft Bags

Kraft bags are ideal if you don’t have a suitable container to store your herbs in and are going to use them fairly quickly. The tin tie at the top of the bag means that the bags can be opened and then closed securely numerous times while still retaining the freshness of your herbs.

The Kraft bags we use are made using paper from sustainable forests. The poly lining (polypropylene) is a BPA free plastic. Both of these materials can be recycled if the paper is separated from the poly lining first. This can easily be done. The bags tear easily along their seams and the lining pulled off quite easily. This is easiest to do if you hold the paper part flat on a surface as you peel the lining off. We have tried it! They can then be put out for most household kerbside collection services.  Please check with your local kerbside collection organiser if you are unsure if they accept both materials. The tin ties on these bags should also be removed before putting the bags in the recycling. Don’t throw away the ties though as they can come in handy for all sorts of uses from closing other bags, cable tidies, plant ties (especially useful if you or someone you know grows tomatoes) and use in arts and craft projects.






Kraft bag disassembled and ready for recycing





NatureFlexTM Bags 

NatureFlexTM is a film made from wood pulp and can be composted at home. It is GM free and made from renewable, sustainable sources from managed locations. NatureFlexTM bags are a great choice if you want completely plastic free packaging and have a suitable container into which you can transfer your herbs for storage on receiving them. We recommend storage of herbs in airtight, opaque containers to minimise exposure of your herbs to light and air as this will maximise their freshness and taste for longer. They can be stored in the NatureFlexTM bags themselves if you have a suitable clip that can be used to open and close the bag once the bag has been initially opened.



Our Labels

All our labels are made from 100% recycled waste paper. They are recyclable, biodegradable, freezer safe and vegan.

Our postage Packaging

All of our postage packaging is plastic free and recyclable.